Coconut Oil Candida & Coconut Oil Yeast Infection Cure

The coconut oil candida cure is gaining popularity as one of the best ways to deal with candida problems including yeast infections, athlete’s foot, and thrush. You can eat extra virgin coconut oil as a treatment, especially if the problem is in your gut, and you can apply it topically if you’re trying the coconut oil for yeast infection or athlete’s foot. (Just make sure you choose a high quality, extra-virgin coconut oil so its beneficial fatty acids are not degraded!)

Coconut Oil Candida Cure Natural Remedy

Coconut Oil Candida Cure

The caprylic acid in coconut oil kills off yeast colonies. In fact, some doctor-prescribed treatments for yeast are based on caprylic acid!

About Candida

Candida is a type of fungi normally present in every person in limited amounts. Most forms of the yeast are harmless, but if the yeast spreads to parts of the body where it shouldn’t be, there can be problems. Candida is supposed to live in your stomach and intestines. When the fungus spreads to other organs, it can cause serious infection. So, an overabundance of the fungus is what really causes problems. This can lead to conditions such as thrush, athletes’ foot, or vaginal yeast infections.

Candida Risk Factors

One factor that can lead to the fungi spreading is the presence of antibiotics in the system.  A side effect of these drugs lowers the immune system’s natural defenses. So while you are taking antibiotics, you are ironically MORE prone to becoming infected with yeast/fungal diseases. For the same reason, people who suffer from conditions (such as HIV) that lower their immune function also are more prone to serious candida yeast infection.

What can the average person do to combat their risk of developing a serious infection, and to get rid of excess candida in their system?  Scientists have discovered that a coconut oil candida cleanse is effective.  Why is this?

Coconut Oil Candida Benefits

Coconut oil works to get rid of candida in the following ways:

  1. Coconut oil is naturally antifungal - The caprylic acid in coconut oil kills off yeast colonies it comes into contact with. Caprylic acid controls the yeast population by preventing it from growing and replicating iteself. Caprylic acid in coconut oil breaks down the membrane of the yeast cells that cause thrush, vaginal yeast infections and jock itch. In fact, some doctor-prescribed treatments for yeast are based on caprylic acid!
  2. Coconut oil can work  as a sugar substitute, which is wonderful since sugar is what feeds the fungi. The primary reason the coconut oil candida cure works is that it lets you control the food source of the growing fungal colony.  Yeasts feed off of things like sugar and simple carbohydrates. So by controlling their access to food, you can effectively starve the bad yeast and fungus out, by denying them access to their food source.  Coconut oil is a natural sweetener and energy booster that can reduce your need for carbs, making it perfect to use for this purpose.
  3. Coconut oil improves and supports the immune systems. It achieves this with lauric acid, which is also found in mother’s milk but otherwise rare in nature, and caprylic acid.

However, as with all good things, you have to be sure that you use them in the right way; if you kill off microorganisms in your stomach too quickly, you can provoke other conditions in yourself. Here’s how to avoid that:

Coconut Oil Dosage and Candida Die-Off

The only caveat is not to cause a Herxheimer reaction in yourself, which is too much detox at once.  If the body has to clean up and deal with too many dead microbes (such as the microbes that might remain after the coconut oil has killed a lot of candida) it can give you a mild toxic shock.  The best way to prevent this condition is by using a coconut oil candida cleanse that is on a more spread out schedule, rather than one that tries to shock your body back into normalcy within just a few days. You might try upping the dosage gradually from 1 tbsp per day to up to 3 tbsps per day.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Candida

The treatment itself is extremely simple. Just purchase a high-quality extra virgin coconut oil and start using it internally and topically:

Internally: Eat one tablespoon daily for about a week. You can eat it plain, use it as a cooking oil substitute, or add it to food such as smoothies or as a butter substitute. Another easy way is to stir it into your coffee or hot tea.

Topically: Coconut Oil Yeast Infection treatment can also involve applying the coconut oil topically. Some people just apply it and I’ve even heard of putting the oil on a tampon that is worn for a few hours. For athlete’s foot and foot fungus, just apply the oil to the feet.

Coconut Oil Candida Coconut Oil Yeast Infection Cure

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