Coconut Oil Deodorant – Homemade Recipe

How to Make Coconut Oil Deodorant

If you’re wary of commercial deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients, you just might be fond of a DIY coconut oil deodorant. It’s light and mild smelling, you can make it from stuff in your kitchen, and it works!

Coconut Oil Deodorant DIY – Homemade Recipe

Commercial Deodorant Hazards

I’m skeptical of the parabens and aluminum-based compounds in commercial deodorants. Parabens are preservatives, and aluminum is used to stop perspiration from happening. However, both ingredients have been linked to cancer. Studies have shown that the parabens in commercial deodorants accumulate in breast cancer tumors, and that bothers me even if the studies are still inconclusive as to whether the parabens cause said tumors. Who wants a preservative in their breast tissue? Another hazardous ingredient for your health is propylene glycol, which may damage the liver and kidneys.

Natural coconut oil will kill odor-causing bacteria, plus you can use one jar of it for so many things.

And if you care for your clothes, did you know that sweat/armpit/pit stains on shirts are caused not by your sweat, but by a reaction of the aluminum in antiperspirants with your sweat? It’s true — the aluminum is causing this problem that can ruin tops and blouses.

Some people report lightened armpits after making the switch to natural deodorant. Their previously darker underarm skin could be from a personal allergy to the fragrances or chemicals in commercial antiperspirants.

Coconut Oil Deodorant Benefits

Luckily, coconut oil can provide you with a wonderful natural substitute. It, on the other hand, contains natural coconut oil (of course) and other kitchen ingredients if desired. Unrefined, virgin coconut oil is best for this. Its antimicrobial properties mean it will kill odor-causing bacteria, plus you can use one jar of the stuff for so many things, food-wise, beauty-wise, and health-wise.


You can actually use coconut oil alone by applying a small amount directly to your underarms, or you can blend it up with some other kitchen things for a lovely homemade coconut oil deodorant.

Equal parts:

  1. pure unrefined coconut oil
  2. cornstarch or arrowroot powder
  3. baking soda
  4. essential oil drops to suit your own tastes, if desired

The baking soda absorbs odors, and as a bonus it can help lighten skin in darkened armpits. The cornstarch absorbs wetness, and the coconut oil kills bacteria. Store the mixture in a glass jar or an empty deodorant stick, and keep either in the cabinet or in the refrigerator depending on how hot it is where you are. It will be soft at first, but becomes solid after a few hours. If it still isn’t solid enough, try melting a few dabs of beeswax into the mixture. Voila!

Buy Coconut Oil Deodorant Products

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Aluminum-free Deodorant Roll-on – An all-natural deodorant product by Tropical Traditions (who also make quality coconut oil). This one is Lavender scented; other scents are available.