What is the Best Coconut Oil Brand to Buy?

What is the Best Coconut Oil Brand to Buy?

If you’re just learning about the multiple uses and health benefits  of coconut oil, you’re probably ready to try it out to see for yourself! But first you want to find the best coconut oil brand to buy. You’re right to be selective: The type of coconut oil you use is important if you want to get the most of its benefits. Some oils out there are degraded in quality because of the way they are processed. If you only want to find the best coconut oil, here are five things you should look for, followed by brands I recommend.

Best Coconut Oil to Buy


The best coconut oil is naturally processed and unaltered. Choosing unrefined (also called “virgin”) coconut oil is paramount. Virgin coconut oil is generally oil that has not been altered. Non-virgin oils, on the other hand, are bleached, refined and deodorized, which can remove or reverse health benefits! Non-virgin, refined coconut oil is typically meant for industrial use, and is not ideal for consumption. What you are looking for will be labeled as: virgin or “extra-virgin” (there is no difference; these are just marketing terms), “unrefined,” and/or “organic”.


Another thing that isn’t ideal is hydrogenated coconut oil. If it has been hydrogenated, it has been treated with unstable temperatures and given extra hydrogen atoms. The problem is that this process breaks down the natural fatty acids and creates trans fats instead! Coconut oil’s benefits come from it’s natural fatty acids that are otherwise fairly rare in nature, so make sure they are in tact and your product is non-hydrogenated.


One way to also ensure your oil’s natural compounds are not degraded is to purchase cold-pressed coconut oil. Cold-pressed oil is attained without adding any more heat than is necessary. Too much heat can compromise the oil’s benefits, but many producers use high heat for the faster turn-around time and higher yield. Even if you need to pay more for cold-pressed, it is worth it.


Check the labels and ingredients. Note that some brand labels will include the buzzword “organic” even though they may still contain contaminants, so check to be sure. Additionally, note that there is no distinction between “Virgin” or “Extra Virgin” coconut oil — it is just a marketing term for any unrefined coconut oil.

Safe Container

Glass jars are optimal, but not necessary. If it’s plastic, just check that the plastic used is BPA-free. Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, for example, comes in safe, BPA-free plastic containers. (This is my favorite coconut oil brand for the quality, taste and value).

So those are the five things you should look for in a great tasting, healthy coconut oil! Choosing the right oil will make all the difference whether you are using it for food, home remedies, or beauty!

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Best Coconut Oil Brands I Recommend

Best Coconut Oil Brand

Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – A high-quality unrefined, non-hydrogenated, cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil from a trustworthy and popular brand, Nutiva. This is the brand I use and prefer, as do many others from the looks of its stellar reviews on Amazon. It has a light, sweet coconut taste and aroma that tell you it is fresh and healthy. It adds a hint of flavor to food, not to mention the wonderful smell makes it great for using on your skin and hair! This is, in my opinion, the best coconut oil brand for the combination of quality, trust, and value.

Second Best Coconut Oil Brand

Barlean’s Organic Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – A coconut oil with all of the above important qualities, sweet tasting and smelling, and highly rated.

Third Best Coconut Oil Brand and Where to Buy Coconut Oil

Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – An all natural virgin coconut oil that is made using old-fashioned methods by hand on family farms in the Philippines. The exporters, Tropical Traditions, take pride in studies done that showed the oil they use has a higher than standard content of lauric acid, the essential fatty acid that gives coconut oil its many health benefits.

  • Crystle

    I found Coconut oil at Trader Joe’s. The label stated that it is organic virgin, cold pressed and unrefined. The ingredient is simply coconut oil. Do you recommend this brand? It’s one of the cheaper brands I gave found.

  • Carrie

    I am all about coconut oil, I have one jar in my kitchen and another in my bathroom. It’s wonderful for skin, hair and healthy for cooking and baking. I’ve tried nutiva’s oil and I think is good as a moisturiser but for eating I prefer the tiana’s it tastes better have you tried it? http://www.tiana-coconut.com/products/coconut-oil You could also write about the benefits of coconut sugar because most people they don’t know much about it and it is also a very healthy option for the ones looking for a healthier lifestyle. Cheers